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Reason #27 Why I Love Yoga! – yoga classes in littleton co

#27: Yoga Teaches You How To Be Uncomfortable

Wait what?! I thought you went to yoga to get all “blissed out” and “zen” and to be peaceful.  You mean to tell me that yoga is going to teach me how to be uncomfortable?

As a mental health practitioner in Littleton Colorado I have the pleasure of working with a great number of teens and adults who struggle with complex social and emotional challenges in their lives.  I work collaboratively with client to assist them in developing a life of freedom, recovery and peace through the development of emotion regulation tools, processing of trauma and engagement in healthy relationships.

One of the greatest tools I strive to work with clients on is developing their ability to tolerate uncomfortable situations and emotions with grace and empowerment.  Now, this does not mean I am aiming to teach someone how to tolerate abuse, neglect or anything else on this scale.  No, I am talking about being able to deal with stress, disappointment, anger, doubt, boredom, silence, success, failure and any number of overwhelming feelings with grace and empowerment.  This sets off a ripple effective of healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices ultimately moving clients towards the life they’ve always wanted.

Yoga can be a sort of “life experiment” where we learn to breathe as we work through the asanas (poses) within a practice, some of which can be uncomfortable, challenging or distressing.  We learn to tell the difference between “finding our edge” and pushing our bodies beyond what is compassionate and helpful.  Being able to feel empowered by the ability to determine where our edge is and maneuver close to and away from it is monumental.

Learning to ground through breathing, letting the monkey chatter of the mind go and focusing on the prana within is a skill that is immensely beneficial both on the mat AND off the mat for life.  The practice of Yoga teaches us just such skills.

For me, by far one of the greatest gifts yoga has given to me is the ability to learn what it feels like to be uncomfortable.  Trust me, in a 90 minute hot yoga class with all the sweat, smells and physical nature of the practice you will be given many opportunities to develop tolerance when you are feeling uncomfortable, but this is the absolute beauty of engaging in this type of practice.

If you are new to the idea of yoga, would like to learn some tools to help you with stress and anxiety or if you are looking for a great excuse to take some time to take care of yourself come join us!

Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety will be starting February 6th in Littleton.  Click here for more information.

Each time I step onto my mat I find another reason why I love yoga.  What is your reason today?