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Unlocking the Self: Keys to Healing Complex Trauma

Over the past two decades there has been an explosion of knowledge about how past experiences shape the brain and the formulation of self-identity. Working with complex trauma survivors requires comprehensive assessment, treatment planning and a phase-oriented approach.

Unlocking the Self: Keys to Healing Complex Trauma © is a phased model aimed at facilitating navigation through the mosaic, multi-layered array of presenting symptomatology found in complex trauma to promote wholesome and lasting change in survivors.

Integrative in nature and recognizes that many trauma treatment approaches can and should be used at different points along the path to healing, however, they need to be used at proper times and in the proper manner for healing to occur.

Highlights from a variety of key theoretical orientations including EMDR, trauma sensitive yoga, Internal Family Systems and neurofeedback are included. Clinicians looking for a way to conceptually integrate a variety of trauma treatment modalities will benefit from this training and receive practical application techniques for utilizing this conceptual framework.

Below are links to some of the various presentations and trainings I have given on Unlocking the Self: Keys to Healing Complex Trauma.

Introduction Slides 

Introduction and Hypothetical Case Studies Slides 

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