Teen Counseling Something New For You In Spring

by: Sarah Houy

This past Wednesday we welcomed the first day of spring.  For the most part, many of us performed our day as usual and were not overtly aware of this slight change in the transition of our year.  Which caused me to wonder how the transitions of the seasons correlate to the transitions in our lives?

It would be terribly painful to be unaware when the harsh wind and snow of winter arrives; well for those of you in Colorado I mean.  For most of us the start of winter comes with a vengeance and the dry dark times of winter rolls in and because of the intensity screams at us to notice the change.  Not so with spring.

The gentle transition of winter to spring here in Colorado is something that is so subtle that it requires intentionality and mindfulness to notice the new growth around us.  It does not scream as the transition of winter does, but rather calmly arrives like a feather dropping to the ground.  So it is with change in our personal and emotional lives.

Many times I have noticed in my life that I am painfully aware of how harsh the winters are, when they arrive, how long they have lasted and the dryness in my spirit that occurs with this time.  However, very rarely does it happen that I notice the subtle new growth under the harsh snow that is waiting for a burst of sunshine to spring forth into a lush, vibrant sprint in my spirit.

I believe all humans are capable of the hope, help and healing they desire.  If you are struggling to find the growth in your life, the lush spring in your spirit, and are looking to make a change I invite you to call for a free initial consultation.

So what does your “spring” look like?  What does the transition to growth feel like?  How do you notice it, if at all?


I educate and empower teens, adults and couples struggling with complex social and emotional challenges.

I specialize in a variety of areas including:

Adult Counseling

Teen Counseling

Couples Counseling

Trauma Counseling
Anxiety Counseling
Depression Counseling
Self-Esteem Counseling
Addiction Counseling
Stress Management
Pre-Marital Counseling
Christian Counseling

I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher and teach regularly at my Littleton location.

I have two locations:
Littleton @ 8 W. Dry Creek Cir. #120 Littleton, CO 80120

DTC @ 7120 E. Orchard Rd. Ste 370 Centennial, CO 80111

I offer free 50 minute initial consultations and look forward to serving you and your family soon!

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