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I absolutely love the work I do with parents of teenagers! Parenting teens is TOUGH to say the least.

New research from BYU confirms what we know to be true from other studies: a caregivers frontal lobe, aka executive functioning, aka the ability to be an adult in the world, has a DIRECT impact on how CHILDREN develop THEIR frontal lobe and ability for executive functioning.

Now I do have to say I disagree with one aspect of the study. Their statement that as adults you cannot change your frontal lobe… this is not true. I see adults make HUGE improvements in their lives in changing their frontal lobes through neurofeedback. Message me if you want more info.

So if you are a parent of a teenager out there, HANG IN THERE! You’re doing a great job and take care of yourself! Message me if you are interested in additional support as a parent of a teenager.

Getting enough sleep, exercising enough and eating well are all things that impact our executive functioning…We should create healthy environments that help us operate at our best. – Ali Crandall, BYU Faculty