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Women’s Fall 2018 Trauma Sensitive Yoga Series 

Thursday’s 5-6 pm 

7120 E. Orchard Rd. Ste 400

Centennial, CO 80111

$250 for 10 Classes 

Pre-Registration Required Click Here to Register.

FREE Acupuncture Visit and Massage Discounts

All participants will receive a FREE initial acupuncture visit ($160 value) and 33% of all massages during the semester at Whole Health Center Lone Tree.  

Guest Teacher

I am delighted to welcome Kathryn Vernon as our guest teacher for the fall series!  Kathryn is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and has worked in the mental health field for 11 years and enjoys helping people reach their full potential. Kathryn is a Colorado native and mother to four beautiful children and two rambunctious dogs. She enjoys spending time in Colorado’s beauty, whether it’s skiing, hiking or taking a walks with her family.

General Information About Trauma Sensitive Yoga Series

TSY is a safe and gentle way for individuals to experiment with being comfortable in their body.  Through experimentation with breathing, poses, movement, stretching and strengthening we aim to reconnect survivors with the greatest source of wisdom; their bodies.  Studies have shown that TSY increases interoception (our 6th sense), decreases PTSD symptoms, increases the ability to remain grounded in the present moment and more fully develop a sense of self.  Below are some items to consider when determining if this is the right fit for you.

  • No experience needed.  Classes are made accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability.
  • No hands-on assisting by instructor, ever.
  • Please bring your own mat.
  • Classes follow a slow-paced yin-yoga format where postures are held for 3-5 breaths.  

During class participants are consistently encouraged to gently acknowledge inside different physical sensations in their body as they move through practice.  Through acknowledgement of sensations participants are encouraged to recognize different choices in the present moment and invited to take a compassionate action that works best for them. 

Many participants have commented that the simple practice of sensing what is happening in their body in the present moment, reminding themselves they have choices and making a compassionate choice in the present moment has had profound impact in their life.  They have remarked that doing this practice ON their mat has allowed them to make this practice OFF their mat in their life creating more choices and compassionate actions as a result.  In addition, participants have commented this class has taught them how to breathe and their practice of breathing ON their mat has allowed them to take this practice OFF their mat into many other arenas.