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Bringing the Brain into IFS: Integrating Neurofeedback and the IFS Model

November 10, 2018

Working with survivors of complex trauma can often include lengthy treatment timelines. In an effort to reduce the length of treatment, integrating multiple trauma treatment approaches provides specific advantages. Utilizing state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology allows for the possibility of faster treatment progress and greater treatment outcomes. Utilizing neurofeedback to help facilitate a regulated brain promotes the ability of clients to arrive at a faster understanding and awareness of Self and the experience of parts, as clients are able to see, in real time, neuroelectric state changes that can correlate with parts and Self. Likewise, the IFS Model informs neurofeedback, as tools of unblending and unburdening are used to create neuroelectric state changes in the brain, offering greater overall neural regulation.



November 10, 2018
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