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How Does Counseling Work?

What is Therapy? How does Counseling Work?

Have you ever thought about what one of the worst consequences that is sanctioned by our justice system?  I know…stay with me here if you are thinking…”what the heck is she talking about?”.  One of the most devastating consequences that is sanctioned by the justice system and even our military is solitary confinement.  Bottom line, we were not meant to do life alone.  Our western world places a high priority on our ability to maintain our staunch independence at many significant costs, but the bottom line is we were not meant to do things alone.

To me, therapy is many things…

  1. Having a independent third party to be a witness to my life so I know that I am not doing things on my own.
  2. Sitting across from a trained professional that can help me expand my world view beyond my narrow, sometimes blind, perceptions of my current situations.
  3. Having someone who can help me work through things that have happened in my past so I can live fully in the present moment.
  4. A coach that can help give me guidance when I ask for it on learning how to handle situations in a more productive healthy manner.
  5. A role model of self-compassion and perseverance in pursuing my best self.
  6. A place where I can be 100% myself, warts and all, and still maintain the presence of another human.
  7. A place to reach my full potential as a human and reach beyond doing “just ok” in my life.

How therapy works?  Well, that depends on what lens you look at it though and what theory you are holding and so on.  However, for most people I have met they really don’t care how it works they are looking for something that does work and we know therapy works.  I can bore you with empirically based study after study on the validation of the healing power of a healthy therapeutic relationship.  The bottom line is that change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we change within the context of a community and sometimes a powerful piece of that community is a therapeutic relationship.