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Threshold- New Year’s Resolutions

This time of year bring about many mixed emotions for us all. Some of us are happy to be moving forward into the new year with exuberance and joy and others of us are begrudging the fact that we have to in many ways “start the time clock over again” and wonder how we will make it through another year.

As I was sitting during my morning meditation I was pondering the idea of this metaphorical threshold that is this time of year. Many of us are quick to develop new years resolutions, myself included, that include a long list of “adding” things to our plate. The typical diet, workout, budget goals are all ones that are made and quickly forgotten for many of us. Have you been to the gym the first week in January? It’s a zoo! Have you been to the gym the first week in March? Not so much of a zoo as those who had their zealous ideas of what the new year will look like for them are quickly reminded that this year once again may not be the new year.

So as we are not even 48 hours into the threshold that is the new year I wanted to throw out a concept that was somewhat interesting to me to help us reframe and look at the way the new year could look to us. Perhaps this new year we spend less time thinking about what we don’t have that we would like to add and look more at the baggage of things we carry that is what is creating the lack of forward movement. Well that may not be true for you, but it certainly is for me.

Anyone who has tried to open a door with full hands knows that to reach the other side and enter through the open door you have to set some things down. So perhaps this year we learn to set things down to enter through the open door versus concentrating on the lack of things we already possess within us.

Jesus talks about this in Luke 10: 39-42 “Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her.” The epic battle of Mary versus Martha. Perhaps sitting at the feet of the proverbial threshold in your life and just listening would be better served than creating a task list a mile long to accomplish the things that aren’t necessary in the first place.

Do you or someone you know need help letting go and moving forward? If you or anyone you know is struggling with walking through that threshold and think they could benefit from talking to someone please have them call me. I offer counseling services to teens, adults and couples struggling with complex social and emotional issues. The first consultation is always free. I offer appointments in my Centennial and Littleton location. Please feel free to call or to email.

What is it that you are holding that is preventing you from walking through the open door?