Adult Mental Health Services

Are you looking to find freedom from emotional suffering?  Are you looking to increase your self-esteem?  Are you looking to learn tools and techniques to “get past your past”?


Teen Mental Health Services

Are you a teen at the end of your rope?  Does it feel like life’s stresses and challenges are too much to handle?  Are you a parent struggling with your teenager’s behavior?


Couples Mental Health Services

Are you looking to reconnect and revitalize your relationship?  Are you engaged and looking for pre-marital counseling?  Is your relationship on the verge of disaster?

Sarah Houy, M.A., L.P.C., R.Y.T.

Sarah’s counseling practice is dedicated to equipping clients to live empowered lives. She creates an environment of hope through her compassionate, encouraging, knowledgeable and optimistic outlook. Her goal is to collaborate with you to create the life of wholeness and freedom you desire. She specializes in teen and adult mental health including trauma across the lifespan (PTSD and childhood abuse/neglect), depression, anxiety, parenting teens and self-esteem challenges. She is a licensed professional counselor, certified EMDR clinician and a registered yoga teacher.  She invites you to come and be inspired to live well.

Upcoming Events

Mar 15

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class (Women’s)

March 15 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Sarah brings passion to the field and a huge desire to help clients with various trauma related interpersonal problems.  She is confident and competent, but most of all she is very real.  You feel safe around her and her encouragement is genuine.  


Sarah has the ability to combine her professional experience, wisdom and complete presence, with a strong solution based outcome.  She works from her brilliant mind and her heart, which guarantees profound results when working with clients.  If Sarah tells you she cane help…she can.


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